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Bespoke Designs



The Fine Wooden Article Co. started with commissions for beautiful, sustainable woodcraft & has grown from strength to strength. Providing you with cherished craftsmanship remains at the heart of what we do.



Our bespoke design commissions are informed by a passion for ingenious design & the requirements of our clients. We delight in applying our training and problem-solving skills to your needs, fashioning fine workmanship cherished for its functionality as well as its intrinsic elegance. We work with private individuals and collaborate with interior designers, architects, theatre professionals and the yachting world.


Our Gloucestershire workshop uses only sustainably sourced English hardwoods, including from our own Devonshire woodland. Our bespoke furniture is inspired by the natural character & qualities of the wood so that you may come to own a true piece of English heritage!


Our kitchen design & installation service begins with appreciating that everyone’s dream kitchen is different – we deliver designs tailored to the functionalities & style of your space. Our long-standing industry experience & trade network equips us to manage projects from design to installation with the utmost attention to detail, at every step of the project. 


In all things we are fuelled by a deep passion for woodworking and the satisfaction of sharing this with the wider public.  Whether large or small, we carry out our commitment to ethically sourced, high quality craftsmanship from initial concept to completion with great enthusiasm.


 We look forward to working with you!


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