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Bespoke interiors.

We relish in the challenge of complete interior design, build and installation type projects such as public houses and restaurants.

Knowing the importance of the general public's safety and their interaction with these establishments requires a developed type of thinking regards design and materials.

Our ability to work with clients and bring to them the expertise required to carry out larger installation projects within the constraints of budget and time frame is something we do. It is of huge import to us to meet and exceed expectations both with the client and then the general public once the establishment opens its doors.

With knowledge and experience in design and associated decision making regards raw materials and their best suited applications. Surface finishes and technical machining processes to achieve textures and mechanical jointing resulting in a seamless blend of metal, timber and glass. Creates spaces with the desired ambience yet also the integrity and strength to stand the test of time.

Yes we specialise in the sustainable harvesting and drying of English hardwoods for this purpose, and yes we craft by hand a large percentage of the materials which goes into creating our finished spaces, which adds to the whole experience for our clients. However the thing to remember is that we over and beyond at every level to deliver on time and on budget.

It is this thinking and passion which brings superior results.

The images below are examples of past projects, feel free to get in touch for more information.
Pricing and costs are tailored competitively to individual projects.
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