Free delivery using discount code MAY2020

Free delivery using discount code MAY2020 0

Letting our loved ones know we are thinking about them seems to be more important than ever before at the moment.

We hope our personalised gifts will help show you care. We can include a hand written card to the recipient with a message of your choice, along with free delivery for all our customers using the MAY2020 discount code*.

* discount code valid until 31st May 2020

  • Peter Meredith
Design, Build & Installation of a Solid Oak Pergola with Natural Edged Oak Swings

Design, Build & Installation of a Solid Oak Pergola with Natural Edged Oak Swings 0

We were invited by our client to design an Oak structure to compartmentalise and separate the outdoor space at his new build property and its garden, which should also house swings for his grandchildren for their interaction and enjoyment of the space.

The brief was a design, build and installation project and is the same process followed for many client projects.

  • Peter Meredith
The Fine Wooden Article Update & Offer

The Fine Wooden Article Update & Offer 0

Firstly we would like to send you our best wishes, we hope you are fit and well.

We would like take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continued and loyal support at this testing time. We would like to reassure you our webstore is still open and is operating under strict hygiene standards, each product is thoroughly sanitised before leaving the workshop via courier.

During this uncertain time we’d love to be able to offer something to our customers alongside the current support we are providing for some elderly and high risk members of our local community.

If you're trying to to keep your children (and your over grown children who are still young at heart!) entertained whilst the sun is shining, we may have the perfect solution for you!

We would like to offer our fun, practical & finely crafted solid Oak Tree Swings, with the option of personalised engraving, at a 20% discount with the use of discount code: SPRING2020

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*discount code valid until 30th April 2020



THE FOX & HOUNDS, COALEY, COTSWOLDS. A full interior design, build and installation project.
The Fine Wooden Article Company designs for Bay Gallery Home.

The Fine Wooden Article Company designs for Bay Gallery Home. 0

A collection of Cedar Wood Dining/ Coffee / Occasional hairpin leg Tables featuring award-winning Australian Aboriginal Art ceramic tiles by Bay Gallery Home.
The 'Cappuccino' Dining Table, layers of beautiful technical innovation.

The 'Cappuccino' Dining Table, layers of beautiful technical innovation. 0


The name for this Dining Table came in the workshop, as we reflected on the contrasting layered milk & coffee coloured grain of light English Ash and dark Black American Walnut. The design for this piece started, however, with a desire to make the aesthetic case for its structural jointing rather than hiding it away – to show off the beauty of traditional woodworking as much as to challenge ourselves with the greater levels of accuracy and tolerance now needed.




In our choice of woods, the marriage of English Ash & Black American Walnut seemed obvious: both woods with similar density & growth rings that would therefore move & age together, both contemporary, contrasting timbers perfect for showcasing the stylised joints & sculptural form of the table.


Our first point of inspiration was the traditional 'through dovetail joint', which we developed through experimentation, exaggerating & rounding its corners to increase the faying surfaces so that once glued the joint would be stronger – and now a design feature; we renamed it the 'fishtail' joint. The leg set joints were fitted at final assembly, the Ash legs & Black American Walnut splines all faying together in pleasing harmony – a highly rewarding moment!


We were keen to keep this style flowing throughout the piece, so when it came to the tabletop we paid attention to developing the traditional Butterfly joint, also known as the 'Butterfly Patch' – often used to check and hold timbers when edge jointing, nowadays commonly seen to check splits & faults in green timber, and equally extensively used in ship building. The table top is connected to the leg set via traditional Galleried Gantry Cleats, to allow it to swell & contract seasonally without the top's trueness distorting.


Our ambitious design required a painstaking process. We started our work by selecting and machining our wood, then developing & carefully testing the tooling to cut the joints. As these joints would be visible, the need for high levels of accuracy dictated lots of time working on the tolerances needed to create a perfect fit between legs & stretcher components, that each of the assembled parts sat fair to each other at the correct angles.


Our 'Cappuccino' Dining Table showcases the beauty of structural technique, making it an aesthetic focal point. We wished to create a piece that revealed rather than concealed the level of craftsmanship, whilst displaying the great quality of the wood. We are very proud of this uniquely elegant & structurally sophisticated piece, a meeting place of sculptural form and attention to detail.

Should you be interested in a bespoke variation of 'Cappuccino' for your interior space, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


This piece is sold in our SHOP.

  • Peter Meredith