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Tree Swings


Summertime is perfect for playing outdoors, and what garden is complete without a rope swing?

We provide an extensive range made from Oak of the highest quality and at the best price with free delivery in the UK. Garden Tree Swings really are the simplest way to add a bit of play and fun into the natural beauty of your garden or home. We hope it will bring many happy moments for you and your family.

Take a look at our solid oak tree swing collection suitable for all the family. Our range includes swings suitable for children of all ages, adultscouples and wedding venues.

They are great fun to hang from the branch of a tree, Oak Frame, Beam, Pergola or Gazebo. They also make a great gift!

They are made from the finest materials, hand-chosen to stand the test of time and the elements: 

The wooden seat is made exclusively from English oak, sustainably harvested from managed woodland on English Country Estates.

The steel rope clamps are galvanised and provide a safe yet simple way to install your swing straight out of the box, quickly and with minimum fuss.

Our aim is to provide you with all components necessary to easily install your swing in your garden with the least fuss possible. We include synthetic hemp rope, rope clamps as standard. You will need to go round your branch twice and have enough to tie some knots and install the steel rope clamp.

The swing seat is designed to hang from your average branch and can be adapted to fit the highest of branches or tailored to fit any height pergola frame or beams.

Our lovely wooden swings are traditionally crafted from best grade kiln-dried English Oak, sustainably harvested from managed woodland on English Country Estates, it is practical & finely crafted with beautiful, robust rope work. They are great value for money, the highest quality and will grace your garden or porch for years to come.

Personalised Inscriptions

Adding a personalised inscription can be great when buying the swing as a present for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

You can personalise your new rope swing by having something unique engraved into the seat to make it even more special. Provide us with the details to make your swing seat unique to you and your family.

We have previously engraved house names, children's names, the birth date of a child or adult, your kid's names, anniversary date or your favourite quote. Other engravings we have done are AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES or STILL SWINGING AT SIXTY. Or how about ABOVE US ONLY SKY...

Frequently Asked Questions

Measuring for a rope swing/tree swing:

If hanging from a branch
To make sure that your ropes aren't too short, take a long piece of string with a small weight on the end of it, throw it over the branch of the tree that you want to hang the swing from. Bring both the weighted end and the ball of string end to the ground with the string going up and over the branch. Mark the string at ground level, slip it down from the branch. Measure the string between the marks and divide this by 2. Please account for enough rope to go round the branch twice and have enough to tie some knots and install the steel rope clamp as well as the distance you have measured.

We are happy to advise you on how to measure or hang your tree swing, contact us on 01452 741298 or drop us an email at
If hanging from a pergola, gazebo, frame or beam.

What tools are required to install your swing?

An appropriate spanner or ratchet socket for the rope clamps. 

A dining room chair or box, equal in height to where you would like the oak seat part of the tree swing to be when in its resting state.

Appropriate and safe equipment to climb up to your chosen branch or beam from which you wish to install your tree swing.

 How to hang a swing from a tree branch.

If you don't like the idea of fixing the swing yourself we do recommend contacting a local tree surgeon.

Ok, let’s get started.

1. Take your tree swing from the box and place it on the chair or box directly below the branch or beam that you wish to attach the tree swing to.

2. Identify the 2 steel rope clamps in the box and set them to one side for now.

3. Unravel the ropes, separating them to each side.

4. Observing necessary health and safety considerations for working at heights, take each of the ropes up and over the top of the branch or beam, positioning them over the branch or beam slightly wider than the distance between the holes in the oak seat itself. About 2 inches on each side would be good. This is not critical but assists with the swing’s performance when in motion.

5. Once happy, with the positioning of the ropes, further wrap the tail end of each rope around the branch again at least one more time.

6. Tend to the ropes so they are adjusted, settled nicely and wrapped tightly so any slack in the rope is removed.

7. Tie 2 common half hitches knots with the tail of the rope around the standing part.

8. Retrieve the previously set aside rope clamps and your ratchet socket or spanner.

9. Use the steel rope clamps to clamp the rope back on itself close to the underside of the knots, only half tightening and nipping up the nuts with your spanner. (Repeat on the other side.)

10. Remove the chair under the tree swing and gently check you are happy with the height and level of your newly installed tree swing.

11. Once happy fully tighten the nuts on the rope clamps.

12. This completes the installation of your tree swing.

Great for playing, but large enough for a comfortable seat. Makes a great retreat under a tree.

What trees are good for swings?

  • The branches of sturdy hardwood trees are best for rope swings– oaks are ideal with branches perpendicular to the trunks.
  •  A substantial fruit tree with sturdy branches of 15cm plus diameter may well be ok for our toddler and child tree swings.
  • Substantial decorative evergreens with sound, solid and level branches.
  • Branch Size: As a guide. A rope swing needs a reasonable level and horizontal branch in excess of 8” in diameter that is greater than 8’ and up to 20’ off the ground. 
  • Branch Condition: The branch chosen for a rope swing must be healthy. Inspect the branch from trunk to tip, and avoid branches that show any signs of infestation, disease, splitting, or narrow connections to the main trunk. And above all, don’t use a dead branch!

Clearance: The branch should be large enough that the swing can hang at least 3’-5’ away from the trunk without the branch bouncing.

Are tree swings/rope swings safe?

Our rope swings are of the highest quality and are supplied with quality rope to the length that you need so that they are at the perfect swinging height from the ground to be safe for you and your little ones to play in the garden and have fun safely, but it’s important to fit them in a way that guarantees both your safety as well as the health of the tree.

What to look for when buying an oak tree swing

Ensure that the wood is treated so that you will be able to enjoy your swing for years to come. We apply 3 coats of best grade 'Epifanes' yacht varnish to beautifully protect the wood against the weather.

Make sure that the rope used is high quality. The rope we provide is a modern Hempex Rope. Traditional in look, but provides all the superior strength, weather, rot and UV resistant qualities we come to expect from a technically advanced rope.

Please feel free to call us on (01452) 741298 if you need any advice.