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The Cygnus GM21 is a sturdy inshore fishing vessel and work boat, suitable of single handed working and all year round use.

The design features include a high upright bow with a fine waterline entry, full round low bilges, full displacement long keel and transom stern. This combination produces a stable and seaworthy hull of exceptional quality. Working off a beach is easily done.

This vessel has become the accepted standard for many in shore fishing boats, with 30 years of production it is a very sea friendly vessel.

A moulded cuddy can be built from maintenance free GRP or more traditional hardwood as is the same for the gunwales which can be built from maintenance free GRP or more traditional hardwoods.

There are wheelhouse options taking the form of the Trawler styled wheelhouse with its integral fore deck and full depth bulkhead, and its separate roof moulding.

 Alternatively, we have 2 sizes of free standing wheelhouses which can be positioned and sized to suit your individual arrangements. Both with separate roof mouldings.

Length Overall

  • Metric 6.40m
  • Imperial 21′


  • Metric 2.44m
  • Imperial 8′ 0”


  • Metric 0.76m
  • Imperial 2′ 2″


  • Metric 3 tons

Power Requirement

  • Metric 15-45kw Imperial 20-60 hp

Gearbox Reduction

  • 1.5:1 – 2:1

Fuel Capacity

  • Metric 90l Imperial 20 gallons


  • GRP hand layup.