April 22, 2020 2 min read

We were invited by our client to design an Oak structure to compartmentalise and separate the outdoor space at his new build property and its garden, which should also house swings for his grandchildren for their interaction and enjoyment of the space.

The brief was a design, build and installation project and is the same process followed for many client projects.

Firstly we had meetings with the client at their home, allowing us to spend time in the garden space and to get a feel for exactly what the client was looking for.

Secondly we gathered together all information we ha gleaned from the meeting and conducted further research, drawing on knowledge and experience, to ensure we are interpreting the customer’s ideas correctly.

We went to ‘the drawing board’ next creating a selection of designs we felt met the client's brief.

Next we met with the client again to go through our designs and to revisit the space, at this point the design had its final tweaks and was signed off by the client. 

Then we got to work, creating the structure and swings before dry building it in the workshop, inviting the client to come and see it constructed to ensure they were 100% happy before we began the onsite construction.

Once signed off by the client we spent 3 days on site installing the structure.

As the client lives with the structure we will be available to assist with any slight amendments, extensions or extra details they would like installed. So far discussions have been around hanging baskets, further detailing/carving to the corners, maybe even a hammock or day bed!

The versatility and functionality of a solid Oak frame structure such as this is many and varied and has fulfilled the brief completely.

We look forward to seeing it once the climbing plants have been planted and it has been well used and loved.

Peter Meredith
Peter Meredith

Owner, designer, craftsman, cabinet maker.

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Free delivery using discount code MAY2020
Free delivery using discount code MAY2020

May 08, 2020 1 min read

Letting our loved ones know we are thinking about them seems to be more important than ever before at the moment.

We hope our personalised gifts will help show you care. We can include a hand written card to the recipient with a message of your choice, along with free delivery for all our customers using the MAY2020 discount code*.

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The Fine Wooden Article Update & Offer
The Fine Wooden Article Update & Offer

April 14, 2020 1 min read

Firstly we would like to send you our best wishes, we hope you are fit and well.

We would like take this opportunity to thank our customers for their continued and loyal support at this testing time. We would like to reassure you our webstore is still open and is operating under strict hygiene standards, each product is thoroughly sanitised before leaving the workshop via courier.

During this uncertain time we’d love to be able to offer something to our customers alongside the current support we are providing for some elderly and high risk members of our local community.

If you're trying to to keep your children (and your over grown children who are still young at heart!) entertained whilst the sun is shining, we may have the perfect solution for you!

We would like to offer our fun, practical & finely crafted solid Oak Tree Swings, with the option of personalised engraving, at a 20% discount with the use of discount code: SPRING2020

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