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February 09, 2022 2 min read

We enjoy more than anything undertaking design build and install projects for local clients. We harvest and dry and prepare sustainably sourced English Hardwoods, geographically locally to our workshops for exactly this purpose, we mill the stock locally  and dry the timber in a natural, all be it in a time consuming way. General rule of thumb for air drying and seasoning sawn timber boards is one inch per year of board thickness. ("When it comes to drying timber. You cannot rush nature.")
The net result of our process and efforts result in a really light impact, with minimal draw on environmental resources if at all.
Not withstanding the fact that the raw oak and other hardwoods we are focussed on are invariably naturally grown, ie they do not come from managed woodlands and forestry, the have an abundance of character traits, retaining the strength and integrity synonymous with the species.
Our boards of English Oak and other hardwoods do therefore lend themselves beautifully to natural edged products and have a very country cottage / country house feel about them.
In this instance our client returning for the 3rd time now as part of a phased overhaul of their most quintessential English Village Cottage requested we design make and install a Natural edged island / breakfast bar measuring some 1300x1100x40mm in our own oak and the counter top material and, as has been the case throughout all previous projects in this cottage, was to have some brass detailing.
To ensure stability and longevity we pride ourselves on our integrity, particularly when it comes to the structural joints, as it is these which will allow the piece to stand the test of time. In this instance we developed a pegged, mortice and tendon, breadboard end in the most traditional sense. Any bonding required has been do using best West Systems Epoxy.

For further information about our processes products and services we offer please do get in touch. 01452741298 or e mail
Thanks Pete and Jen

Peter Meredith
Peter Meredith

Owner, designer, craftsman, cabinet maker.

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