Natural Edged, Ancient Yew Bathroom Vanity with Resin Detailing

Natural Edged, Ancient Yew Bathroom Vanity with Resin Detailing
Ancient Yew by its very nature is an extraordinarily slow growing, multi stemmed species which creates an abundance of knots and stunning natural fissures, voids and cracks between stems. Not to mention the amazing grain figuring and colouring the yew is famed for.
Blanketing the wood in its raw form in a translucent epoxy resin enhances its beauty and creates a feature of its natural elegance. This is also an extremely effective method of protection, ensuring a waterproof and water-resistant finish which is both durable and hygienic in a bathroom environment.
The live edged, single slab countertop has mortice and tennon jointed end caps, a technique used to stabilise the piece providing a sense of uniformity to this extravagant and opulent design.
Glossy copper and bronze filings added a depth and twinkle to the epoxy detailing, merging with the diverse colours of the Ancient Yew to accentuate the elegance of the countertop and meld with the colour palette of our client’s statement bathroom.
Sean: “Simply put absolutely delighted with the end result produced by Pete aka 'TFWACo'. I approached Pete for a very different vanity top for my bespoke bathroom project and well the result I hope speaks for itself! Transferring a client’s thoughts into an end product is never easy but Pete was on board quickly and along with numerous meetings and regular communication the outcome is exactly as hoped for. I thoroughly recommend you put your imagination and Pete to the test!”
Sustainably sourced Ancient Yew which is 250 years old from a country estate in Newnham, Gloucestershire. Felled and milled in 2010, seasoned and kilned dried at our Gloucestershire workshops.
Timber slabs obtained from the same tree, handpicked by the client from our sustainably sourced wood stores
Hands on client journey with detailed communications
Resin enhancement with copper and bronze filings to emphasise the natural features of the timber

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