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THE FOX & HOUNDS, COALEY, COTSWOLDS. A full interior design, build and installation project.


The creative challenge of designing with wood...


We have a strong commitment to designing sustainably, which for us starts by understanding what our clients needs and desire. To this we bring our passion for the English hardwoods we work with & woodcraft knowledge. 



We handcraft only from the finest materials and with the greatest care for functional ingenuity and finishing details, inspired by the raw material we have the privilege of working with.  Combining traditional woodworking techniques with the finest modern tools & expertise, we fashion items with integrity that delight – unique, innovative, subtle & beautiful fine articles that stand the test of time.


Our bespoke designer-maker furniture design service draws upon sensitively considered materials & expert craftsmanship for investment or statement pieces that our clients cherish. Whether for interior or outdoor use, an adaptation of an existing design or something entirely new, we would be delighted to lend our skills to your project.

Solid Oak & MDF Room Divider / Bookshelf / Display Unit 0

Solid Oak & MDF bespoke room divider, bookshelf, display unit, handcrafted from sustainable wood by The Fine Wooden Article Co., Gloucestershire, UK.

Bespoke fitted room divider / bookshelf made from our own sustainably sourced Oak and white melamine MDF.


The design process for this commission was informed by our client's aesthetic preferences and lifestyle, and space considerations. It was important for this highly functional room divider/ bookshelf to be durably made & solid whilst staying in keeping with the rest of the space's interior design and light, airy feel.


As we developed the design, we sought to define the space without impinging on a feeling of spaciousness, to bring shape and circulation flow to an otherwise empty space whilst factoring in the client's storage needs & stylistic preference for an open display of personal effects, books, flower vases & subtle indoor lighting.



Should you be interested in a similar piece, please do not hesitate to get in touch!



Solid Oak & MDF Room Divider / Bookshelf / Display Unit. The Fine Wooden Article Co., Gloucestershire, UK





Approx. dimensions: 4.5m x 2.8m x 0.8m

Made from our own sustainably sourced Oak stock & white melamine MDF.



Installation of Oak & Melamine bookshelf, The Fine Wooden Article Company, Gloucestershire UK

The Stroud News reviews The Fine Wooden Article Co. 1

Thank you to The Stroud News for this feature!

Shipwright launches business making personalised wooden items.

Shipwright Carpenter Wood Working Workshop Peter Meredith, founder, at work showing his bespoke skills. The Fine Wooden Article Company.


– A SHIPWRIGHT who specialises in classic yacht restoration has started up a business making personalised wooden items such as benches, swing seats and wine racks.

The Fine Wooden Article Company, which is based in Saul, offers a range of products and services making items out of timber and other hard woods.

The company also makes bespoke upcycled products made from used wood they find from places like Sharpness docks.

They even use Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels to fashion their handicraft.

Up-cycling involves converting waste material into new products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Founder Peter Meredith, who got into sailing as a teenager and later spent about 15 years as a captain of various wooden sailing ships, said: “After 12 months of trading all aspects of the business are delivering.” –