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The Fine Wooden Article Company

Ash Serving Platter. (Natural Edged with options for company branding.) 58cm x 38cm x 4.5cm

A versatile and huge ash, natural edged charcuterie and serving platter that will brighten up every family alfresco lunch, bar top, restaurant or cooking session with its beautiful grain and high quality finish. 

Our solid Ash charcuterie serving platter is wood in its most natural form.

Our aim with this product is to select the finest seasoned straight grained Ash, work, the natural edges, engrave the company logo as required, machine the finger slots into the end grain, then sand the platter down through the grades of grit until we have the finest most tactile and useable serving platter.

Then we apply 3 coats of food safe mineral oil.

These boards will last a very long time and with stand many many services.


Due to the nature of Ash, and it being reasonably straight grained, there are gentle curves to the edges, giving rise to the wonderful shaped edge form shown. Therefore the selection process allows us to make these to a consistent length of 58cm +/- 2cm and our intentions to get as close to 38cm board width as possible, but is always going to be at least 34cm board width with both natural edges shaped and sanded.


Approx.: 58cm x 38cm x 4.5cm



Made from sustainably sourced solid Ash.

This item is finished with food safe, 100% mineral oil.

This product can be engraved with your company, restaurant or cafe logo and name to enhance your brand. Please do get in touch to discuss the many options with this.


We advise you to keep your item in tip-top condition by re-treating it with mineral oil periodically.



Shipping options at check-out, or collection from the workshop by arrangement.

We offer a paper gift-wrapping service with a blank gift card for your message.