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Swing Seat Tree Attaching kit

Our Tree-Swing Hanging Belt with Carabiners, is strong, adaptable and suitable to attach to a variety of swings to branches and frames allowing easy assembly and fitting of you swing in mins.

Attach to a swing for outdoor relaxing and other activities
Strong belt with two durable carabiner
Can stand maximum weight of 200KG on each strap.

Weight: 330g
Color: Black
Belt Size: Approx.269cm * 5cm (total length * width)

Note: Belts and carabiner only, (Our swing seats are ordered separately.)

Package Content:
1 x pair of Belts for attaching your swing to the branch of a tree or suitable frame.

1 pair of carabiner clips.



Especially if exposed to the elements, we advise you to keep your item in tip-top condition by re-treating it with the Tung Oil (or a similar oil suitable for oak) once a year.



Delivery, or collection from the workshop by arrangement.