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Traditional Solid Oak Tree Swing - Lovers Wedding Venue Size

Our Wedding Venue Sized Double Adult Solid Oak Tree Swing Seat is great fun for couples and to stage those most special of wedding photos.

Traditionally crafted from best grade, sustainably sourced, kiln-dried English oak, it is practical & finely crafted with beautiful, robust rope-work. This item of the highest quality will grace your garden or property for years to come. Also perfect for the wedding venue operation.


Included as standard

  • ✔ 8m of 25mm 3 strand Hempex rope. (8m Each Side).
  • ✔ 2 stainless steel rope clamps.
  • ✔ Varnished Finish. (We apply 3 coats of best grade 'Epinfanes' yacht varnish to beautifully protect the oak of your tree swing.)
  • ✔ 1st side engraved with a character count guide of 30.
Made from sustainably sourced  3" solid oak slabs.