Garden Swing Seat: Inspired by Children


Freestanding Bespoke Garden swing-seat English solid Oak, Personalise & Engrave, traditionally crafted, practical & finely designed with high quality robust rope-work in Gloucestershire, UK. 

‘Higher Mummy Higher’ swing seat 


A beautiful detailed, classical two-child swing-seat designed from Teak wood so it may pass down through the generations. The seat is hand engraved with scroll work reading: ‘Higher Daddy Higher' on one leading edge, and ‘Higher Mummy Higher’ on the other.



This Swing Seat was inspired by its owners & its setting.

It now hangs from a fantastic branch coming off perpendicular to the trunk at approximately 30 foot from the ground, with the ground beneath gradually sloping away – a most idyllic setting for a seriously performing swing. 

The swing was designed for two children to enjoy using in all safety. The seat has no less than 200 (6mm diameter) Teak dowels set into the seat top, each carefully rounded over and left proud to provide grip for the little ones’ bums.

It was professionally finished with numerous coats of yacht varnish, so that even though it has been outside from the day it was hung, seven years later it still looks as great as the day the varnish dried!



This design came to inspire a more price-sensitive range of Solid Oak Swing Seats sold in our SHOP, which perform equally well and last just as long.

Should you be interested in an adaptation of this or one of our standard swings, do get in touch.

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  • Peter Meredith
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