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April 04, 2017 2 min read


Solid Ash Pedestal Oval Dining Table with Wenge Detailing. Design by The Fine Wooden Article Co.

A Solid Ash Pedestal Dining Table with Wenge Detailing.

This design came from a client commission, and was a response to their desire for a beautiful, very well built piece designed to withstand the daily demands of family life.



In light of consultation with our clients, this subtle round solid Ash & Wenge table was inspired by research into a historic design from the Victoria & Albert Museum. In this piece, the harmonious symmetry of the table’s sculptural form is  subtly emphasised by combining the lightness of Ash with the depth of Wenge woods in strategic, echoing details.


The design process was driven by a creative compromise between elegance and durability, exactly the type of challenge which we relish!


We used solid Ash from our own sustainable stocks, hand machining the table top by hand. After gluing up the pedestal, we put it through a 5 axis machining process to achieve the perfect roundness the design demanded. 


To create a sculptural piece with definition, we focussed on strategic detailing and increased the colour contrast: the already white Ash has been stained white, whilst the dark Wenge is stained ebony. The piece is then finished with a high gloss to ensure it weathers the varied rigours of daily family use.


Should you be interested in a variation on this, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. This piece is sold through our SHOP.


Solid Ash Pedestal Oval Dining Table with Wenge Detailing. Design by The Fine Wooden Article Co. Gloucestershire, UK.



Seats 6 Measure 150cm in diameter.

Weight: 225kg

Made from solid Ash & Wenge from our own sustainably managed stock.

Due to weight and size, delivery is by arrangement. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss or to arrange a visit to our workshop.


Peter Meredith
Peter Meredith

Owner, designer, craftsman, cabinet maker.

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